What are Cutout Costumes?
Cutout Costumes are files that you download from our website, print on your home printer, cutout, and assemble for your kids to wear. Our costumes typically contain 6-10 pages that include masks, hats, vests, hands, bracelets, wands, swords and more.
What inspired you to create CutoutCostumes.com?

One day our founder's 5 yr old son wanted to be "The Flash" but didn't want to wear his store bought one piece jumpsuit. One red sweatshirt, one piece of yellow construction paper, scissors and a little tape later, he was The (much more comfortable) Flash!

We recognized that kids love to dress up and pretend but costumes that you buy in the store typically cost $15 to $30 dollars. The expense of new costumes can add up quickly if you buy one every time your kids change their minds about what they want to be or play.

We wanted to create a wide variety of affordable costumes that allow kids to pick what they want to be at any particular time. All of our costumes are original unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else!

We hope CutOutCostumes will open a whole new world of variety for your children and provide hours of fun nuturing their imaginations!